Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

Carpets and rugs in homes and offices create a warm environment to live, work and play. Unfortunately, these activities promote the introduction of sand, dirt, debris, pet dander, accidents and spills. Because carpets and rugs serve as filters for these contaminants, they require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking like new and increase their longevity. Even if your carpets are new and don’t show outward signs of dirt or high-traffic, regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional is recommended.



Tile and Grout Cleaning & Maintenance

Tile & grout are popular floor and countertop coverings in Florida, but they are porous materials, meaning they easily attract and collect dirt, grease and debris that can break them down over time. Professional tile & grout cleaning and maintenance significantly helps prevent surface break-downs of ceramic, porcelain and marble; improves its appearance; and extends the life of tile & grout floors and countertops. No worries with grout that won’t come clean! We can update the color to hide ugly discolorations.



Upholstery Cleaning & Maintenance

Furniture can take a real beating over time, especially when children, pets and frequent visitors are involved. Advancements in residential and commercial upholstery cleaning technology involves using a high-flow, hyper-velocity, jetless cleaning process, safely removing dirt, debris and odors from upholstery without the problem of over-wetting. A sheering process helps reduce residual moisture for faster drying and eliminates instances of bleeding, shrinking and browning of fabric. This is totally safe for children and pets and keeps furniture looking and smelling like new!


Carpet Installation Inspections & Consultancy

Not all carpet issues are a result of a manufacturer defect. In fact, in the majority of cases, carpet is improperly installed causing product and aesthetic issues. As a Certified Carpet Inspector in Florida for more than 27 years, Jerry represents the carpet industry and serves as an advocate for consumers. He consults with home and business owners and applies his knowledge and expertise to inspect residential and commercial carpet issues and identify specific problem areas and underlying causes.